Innotek Free Spirit Shock Collar

Innotek FS 15 Free Spirit Shock Collar

The Innotek FS-15 Free Spirit Remote Dog Training Collar is a convenient solution for training around your home or neighborhood. Having a better behaved dog has never been quicker, easier, or more affordable. You can spend more time playing and less time training, without breaking the bank. Fitting easily in the palm of your hand, the Innotek FS-15 electronic shock collar training collars have just the right touch, just when you need it. The Innotek Free Spirit Shock Collar features a convenient switch to instantly increase the correction strength by two levels.

The water-resistant receiver uses a 6-volt battery (included), so it is always ready to go. The FS 15 Remote Trainer offers 7 levels of correction to match your dogs’ temperament, and a 150 yard effective range. You simply program the receiver to your choice of correction levels, and press a single button to activate the training collar. A handy slider switch on the side of the transmitter increases the correction level by 2 in emergency situations. You may program the unit to sound a warning tone if you prefer.
Innotek FS-15 Shock Collar:

Dog Size – 20 – 200lbs
Rugged, water resistant receiver collar
Replaceable 6-volt receiver battery and 12-volt alkaline transmitter battery
Miniature, one button transmitter
7 adjustable levels of correction
Tone only option, Tone with correction OR Tone with 1 second delayed correction option
150 Yard range
Free Professional Training Support
Limited Lifetime Warranty

Your FS-15 Package Includes:

1 Miniature-sized one button transmitter
1 Water resistant battery powered receiver collar
Batteries for the transmitter and receiver collar
Test light
Probe wrench
Complete operating instructions

Innotek offers FREE Professional Training Support. Innotek Shock Collars are designed by professionals to be the fastest way to a better-behaved dog and supported by professionals too!
Remote Trainer Review – Innotek FS-15

Is the innotek fs-15 (basic trainer) durable?

I want to buy this product overseas since its not that expensive but i would like to know if its durable? Because If it stops working I wouldn’tt have any warranty here. If you have any experiences with this product please share them. Ive read a few reviews (cant find more) and they say that its battery life is short, and its range as well, but I really like this product, just afraid it might stop working.

i have used innoteks before, im not a fan. i have also heard they are very inconsistant. not good when you are training.

i prefer dogtras. have you looked at those?